At Test Ads, it's not just about advertising. It's about crafting success stories - one client at a time.

We’re the Marketing Agency that’s fighting for the “Little Guy”

Test Ads is not your run-of-the-mill marketing agency. It offers:

Unrivaled Value for Money

Every dollar you invest in advertising is treated with utmost importance. 💰

Data-Driven Decisions

A team of analysts utilizes a scientific approach to marketing, ensuring decisions are based on concrete data. 📈

Experimental Approach

Test Ads believes in trying out new strategies and revealing what your business is truly capable of. 🧪

A Focus on Small Businesses and Startups

Test Ads specializes in launching new ventures into the market, a task it truly relishes. 💼

Meet Nick

Meet Nick

Six years ago, a young marketer named Nick, set foot into the intriguing world of advertising. His journey originated in Ukraine, where he dived deep into research and psychology, driven by a profound curiosity for understanding people. This was no ordinary curiosity; it was the seed that would eventually sprout into Test Ads. 🚀

Nick initially focused on the Ukrainian market, but a burning desire for growth and expansion led him towards the international arena. His journey on the freelance platform, Upwork, took off, and along with a partner, they built an impressive profile. Soon enough, the first clients started rolling in, and the seed of a future marketing agency was planted. In no time, their freelance endeavor blossomed into a full-fledged marketing agency employing nine dedicated individuals, all operating within Ukraine.

“However, as often happens, life threw a curveball: war erupted in Ukraine, necessitating Nick's move to safer territories. This tumultuous event led to the unfortunate disintegration of the budding agency.”

Undeterred, Nick embarked on a journey across Europe, eventually finding solace in Canada. He continued his endeavors in the marketing sector, simultaneously working with two companies. But the entrepreneurial fire within Nick was far from extinguished. During this period, he accumulated a wealth of experience, working with small businesses, startups, and even Fortune 500 companies like Henry Schein, which led to him being named in the top one percent of marketers on Upwork.

Amidst these giant industry players, Nick discovered his true passion: empowering small businesses and startups. He found the process of launching these entrepreneurial ventures towards success far more exhilarating than working with established conglomerates. 🎯This passion gave rise to Test Ads – a marketing agency specifically designed to aid small businesses and startups in launching their ideas and establishing a proof of concept for their ventures. Nick saw a market gap where these businesses were often exploited by other agencies, and he decided to change that narrative.

No False Promises

At Test Ads, there are no false promises of overnight success. Instead, the agency is committed to providing value for your money, guiding you to make informed decisions, and enabling you to visualize the potential in your business. Test Ads isn't about making quick profits; it's about crafting relationships, building trust, and guiding your venture to success one step at a time.

Tailor Made Strategies

Test Ads stands out in the crowd with their customized approach to marketing solutions. They understand that every business is unique, and this understanding drives their tailor-made strategies on platforms like Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, TikTok, and Pinterest, designed to meet your unique needs. They are committed to maximizing results through a robust data-driven approach, leveraging analytics and performance metrics to optimize your campaigns for a better ROI.

Real Results

From unlocking the healthy growth of ZoRaw Chocolates with custom ad campaigns to generating the first five solar installation leads for Hybrid Power Solutions, the agency has consistently delivered on its promise of "Small Starts, Big Gains".

As Test Ads continues on its journey, it remains unwavering in its mission: to empower small businesses and startups, enable them to reach their full potential, and offer a better, fairer deal in the world of digital marketing.

So, if you're ready to take your venture to the next level, why not book a demo with Test Ads and start your journey towards success today?